Specialty Coffee Lectures in South of Minas
22 de June de 2018
The Cup of Excellence judges meet Cooxupé’s co-op members.
1 de November de 2018

Specialty Coffee Lectures in Cerrado Mineiro

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Cooxupé’s producers from Cerrado Mineiro were invited to listen to the tips and explanations of Professor Flávio Borém on how to obtain high quality in the coffee production.

In June 7 and 8, SMC in a partnership with Cooxupé, took to the cities Araguari, Monte Carmelo, Patrocínio and Rio Paranaiba the lecture which were already done too in South of Minas region, by the UFLA professor and specialist in specialty coffees, Mr. Flávio Borém. The focus is to obtain high quality managing with care before and after the harvest.

The result of this lecture’s circuit is clear: the volume of samples that SMC is receiving by Cooxupé to go through evaluation is already larger than the past two years. This is possible because now the producers are more concerned about the quality, paying attention to the procedures as they were taught. Variables such as humidity and screen are some of the issues they are working to improve. Many of the producers that got into the Specialty Coffee Program in 2016 and 2017 are now, in 2018 delivering amazing coffees, which proves a certain consistency in the process and dedication to produce higher quality coffees.

The expectation is that this year high quality is going to be more present, and with a great boost: SMC and Cooxupé will be the hostess of the most important specialty coffee contests, the Cup of Excellence, which will elect Brazil’s best coffees.

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